Baby angel

A gif baby she was 7 pounds 2 Oz 19 long born Oct 1 Ever one wants a angel Well a baby angel mom is MALEFICENT & doc

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It was love at first sight A fairy tale It was red roses and moonlight All I have now is your cold embrace Where have I gone wrong I gave you my all I made you my life I let you in But how I regret it now How foolish I was indeed Just like fairy tales it wasnt real A false story told to children To make them believe there is a point To this miserble life How I wish I could go back To stop you from becoming a stranger Maybe it was my fault after all

WALL OF FAME https://legaciesfamily.com/2020/05/30/legacies-family-wall-of-fame/

Chills go down my spine
And at once I know you are here
I grind my teeth together
As every muscle tenses up
I slowly turn my gaze, looking for you
And there you are, in flesh and blood
But not alive, no
You are dead inside
Stone cold
You have no feelings, nor regard for other’s
And your expression are cold
Just as you are inside
I can see it in your eyes
I can see how gloomy you are
How evil you are
A man from hell
Another being of pure malevolent
So sinful and demonic
But slowly the cold fades from your face
And your heat seeps through my hands
The blood leaving you
I withdraw my blade
And at once you drop to the floor
How decorated the floor becomes of red
I smile as i watch you, and I kneel down
I whisper in your ear
“You may be a monster. But so am I”

How mysterious you are
I’m afraid to let you in
I’m afraid that you will corrupt my heart
A weakness you may be
You seem so frightening
Maybe you will break down my walls
Making me vulnerable
Or maybe you will be good for me
Maybe you will help me build relationships
Maybe you will fill me with joy
But frightening you still are
And I dont know if I want you

I wonder around

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