This ranking system is NOT to separate the clan, but only for rank purposes. All activities will continue as normal and tribes will be free to mingle as they wish. The only time when they are alone are during meetings.

☆Nen Tribe (Water) Twilight Tribe Leader(≜ŁŚ) 💙

DEATHDEALERZTribe Leader (≜ŁŚ) ☆Kemen Tribe (Earth) 💚

Ronn Tribe Leader | (≜ŁŚ) FIRE ❤️

The Empress (≛ŁŚ)

The Empress (≛ŁŚ)
☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆  friend code QWZ-773
The ultimate authority and creator of the clan. The Empress oversees, and has the highest access to all and any meeting she attends. She leads the Council of Elders and the Tribe Leaders. This rank can never be reached. It is a title only held by 1 person.

The Right Hand (≜ŁŚ)

(( ☆†ખïłïφђ†☆ŁŚ☆  (≜ŁŚ) CODE QWP-J1Q))🏆🎖️Twilight🎖️Tribe Leader🎖️XT🎖️🏆 💙
☆Nen Tribe (Water)

🏆The Right Hand (≜ŁŚ) 🏆
(( ☆†ખïłïφђ†☆ŁŚ☆  FRIENDS CODE QWP-J1Q))
The Right Hand is the second-in-command of the clan. The Right Hand assists the Empress by overseeing all activities within the clan. It is a title only held by 1 person and is handpicked by the Empress.🏆

The Council of Elders (☆ŁŚ)

______________ Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ) ☆Kemen Tribe (Earth) 💚
__________ sergeant💚Nen Tribe (Water)
Blackbullet sergeant 💙☆Nen Tribe (Water)
TwilightTribe LeaderXT 💙
☆Nen Tribe (Water)

The Council of Elders (☆ŁŚ)
meet on WhatsApp  to talk on daily things

The Council of Elders is made up of trusting members of the clan. The Council works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of the clan. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. The Council is led by the Empress  and the Right Hand of the Empress. Membership is determined by them as well. Any propositions of promotions to Captians and Tribe Leaders must be approved by The Council of Elders, the Empress, and her Right Hand.

Tribe Leader (≙ŁŚ)

💙❤️💚 Tribe Leader | (≜ŁŚ)💙❤️💚
________________Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ) ☆Kemen Tribe (Earth) 💚))))))1
((((Ronn Tribe Leader | (≜ŁŚ) FIRE ❤️))))))1
((((Twilight Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ)💙))))))))1

💙❤️💚 Tribe Leader | (≜ŁŚ)💙❤️💚

___________Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ) ☆Kemen Tribe (Earth) 💚))))))
((((Ronn Tribe Leader | (≜ŁŚ) FIRE ❤️))))))
((((Twilight Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ)💙))))))))
💙Tribe Leaders are responsible for specific Tribes. Tribe Leaders oversee and coordinate the Captians❤️ A Tribe Leader must work closely with the Captians to oversee all activity within his/her Tribe, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents the clan. Communication and decision making are the two most important qualities of a Tribe Leader. Often you will be pulled in many different directions so it is imperative that you exercise good judgment and patience. A Tribe💚Leader will deal with many stressful situations and must be fair but firm, and represent the best that the clan must offer.💙A Tribe Leader should keep an open line of communication with all the Captians and hold weekly meetings to communicate direction.❤️The Tribe Leader will also have weekly meetings with the other Tribe Leaders and the Empress and her Right Hand to communicate direction💚 A Tribe Leader must display sound judgment and decision making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success. There can only be 1 Tribe Leader per Tribe. After all the Tribe there will be 💙


💙💚❤️Captain (≘ŁŚ)💙💚❤️ _______^_______ Captain (≘ŁŚ)❤️2
((((Rheaxie Lou Captain (≘ŁŚ)💚Kemen Tribe (Earth)💚))))2
(((((((Blaine Tribe Captain (≘ŁŚ)💙☆Nen Tribe (Water))))))))2

💙💚❤️Captain (≘ŁŚ)💙💚❤️

🏅A good Captain must possess the following qualities: leadership, the ability to positively reinforce the clan infrastructure, sound decision making, and dedication. He/she must also ensure that all members follow the laws and behave in a professional manner. 🏅The Captain will report any infractions directly to his/her Tribe Leader following the chain of command.
🏅Then amount of Captians depends on the size of the Tribe.

🏅•Know, understand, and be able to teach all the responsibilities of the lower ranks.
🏅•Act in a professional manner at all times.
🏅•Ensure members are following the laws
🏅•Be active online in the game.
•🏅Show dedication and commitment while assisting his/her Tribe Leader to run a successful clan.
🏅•Run weekly meetings as well as having a “Game Night” for your Tribe
🏅•Evaluate and vote on new recruits.

The tribal ranks
(💙💚❤️ SERGEANT | (≗ŁŚ)💙💚❤️
((((Red foxxy❤️ sergentant (≗ŁŚ)))))3
(((((((Black bulpet ≗ŁŚ)sergeant(≗ŁŚ) 💚☆))))))3
_______________(≗ŁŚ)sergeant (≗ŁŚ)💚☆4
(ŚʊńՔïяėŁŚ (≗ŁŚ) SERGEANT (≗ŁŚ)💙))))))3

(((((Red foxxy❤️ sergeant)))))((((((((Blackbullet(≗ŁŚ)sergeant(≗ŁŚ) 💚
______(≗ŁŚ)sergeant (≗ŁŚ) 💚☆
(ŚʊńՔïяėŁŚ (≗ŁŚ) SERGEANT (≗ŁŚ)💙

💙💚❤️ SERGEANT | (≗ŁŚ)💙💚❤️

🥉sergeant   serve as team leaders. They are responsible for helping  individuals  with tasks and helping them feel welcome ,
🥉They are responsible for helping Captain in what the SERGEANT and LEGACIES  need done in the jobs. They must stay up dated on all INFORMATION and help in the developing, and maintaining of LEGACIES LS 🥉
Attend tribe meetings. 🥉

Private | Pvt.

((((Jason Star💙 )))))))💙4
((((((((Alli Star💙))))))))💙5
((((Mischka Gold 💙)))))))))💙6
(((Katie 💚)))))💚4
(((((((Edward💚 )))))))💚4
(((powerpuff 💚 )))))))5
(King DG 💚))6


🥈Private | Pvt. 🥈
A Private can be classified as a new member.
🥈 Learn, understand, and follow the laws.
•🥈Learn, understand, and follow the rank structure and chain of command.
•🥈Participate in clan and tribe activities
•🥈Attend tribe meetings.

They have been voted into LEGACIES-LS

Newcomers will be
Recruit | Rct.

agent jayson Recruit❤️ Rct. 4

🥇 Newcomers will be
Recruit 🥇 Rct. 🥇
A Recruit is a gamer who has been invited to play with and get to know the clan. A recruit will be voted in by fellow peers and will be placed in a tribe.
Within each tribe will be the following ranks:🥇

A Recruit is a gamer who has been invited to play with and get to know the tribe and has fild out a application to join LEGACIES. A recruit will be voted in by fellow peers and will be placed in a tribe.

Ranks are only for active and hard working members. To keep a rank you must remain active and hard working. Inactive members will be placed in an ‘asleep’ rank after 2 weeks of inactivity, which holds no benefits. To hold a rank you must have the LS tag in your name or either equipped in the hashtag on your profile, otherwise you will be considered as a recruit and will not be able to be placed in a tribe.

agent jayson Recruit❤️ Rct. 4


Jay Black🖤 not on lot
Tiny Bunny sleep🖤
Jax reller🖤not a round lot
Binkysss🖤not on a lot
Seven🖤not on a lot
Damien Stone 🖤 not on a lot
Its me Jesse🖤
Dante Hellfire🖤sleep
Sweet n Salty 🖤not on a lot
Ash sleep🖤

Private | Pvt. 🖤
Jax reller.
Private | Pvt. 🖤
Dante Hellfire.
Private | Pvt. sleep🖤
Sweet n Salty
Private | Pvt. 🖤

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