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Twilight Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ)💙 (WATER)

Twilight Tribe Leader (≜ŁŚ)💙 (WATTER
Water– the most powerful element, terrible but beautiful. From the gentle stream to the devastating rains of hurricanes and everything in between, an overwhelming force of nature. Water is breathtaking in it’s power to destroy or to nourish. It can be beautiful or frightening in it’s majesty. Water is all around us, in us. There is no life without it. We can’t control it, it is more powerful than we are; but we can embrace it’s powers.
The water tribe, officially known as the nen tribe, is serene and tranquil, but can be devastating when provoked, just like water.  In the nen tribe we party hard but we also work hard. The responsibilities of the nen tribe includes to be a model. We dress up, take pictures, and we do the modeling tasks. It is also our duty to be an ambassador of not only the nen tribe but also all of legacies ls and all it’s glory.  We respect and love each other. We do not cause trouble and we avoid drama.
If this all sounds appealing, then the nen tribe is the tribe for you.


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